We offer a complete database of famous quotes with almost 470.000 records.

The database contains next fields: author, categories and quote.
The database in SQL format is ready to be plugged in. Get a website in minutes or add new content to a current web site or mobile project with this famous quotes database.

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What can you do with a database of famous quotes?

If you are new into programming, you might be curious on how an application works. You can build an application that uses data from database and a preloaded database will save you a lot of time. The databases presented on this website contains a lot of data, almost 500k of famous quotes in two file formats. The SQL format can be used as plug and play input for your new or existing database, just execute the query inside it. The CSV file can be parsed and imported as you want it.

My customers bought this database for:

  • Scholar projects like mobile or web applications that make CRUD operations on a database
  • Personal projects on which they test different concepts and patterns
  • Projects on which they learn how to program, use a new technology or framework
  • Data mining projects on which they take the raw data and change it or improve it
  • The price is competitive for the total of quotes contained