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A. J. McLean Life , Love , Music Music is love, love is music, music is life, and I love my life. Thank you and good night.
A. E. Housman Find , Sense , Asylum I find Cambridge an asylum, in every sense of the word.
A. J. McLean Changes , Color , Hair The biggest misconception about me is the bad-boy image that everyone stuck me into due to my tattoos, drug days and the constant changes I make with my hair color.
A. E. Housman Good , Great , Perception Great literature should do some good to the reader: must quicken his perception though dull, and sharpen his discrimination though blunt, and mellow the rawness of his personal opinions.
A. J. McLean Head , Patient , Be Patient Keep your head up and be patient.
A. E. Housman Live , Build , Cheap The house of delusions is cheap to build but drafty to live in.
A. J. McLean Happy , Be Happy , Want Our fans want us to be happy and if that means being married or having a girlfriend, they are okay with that. Of course, in this industry it is a bit harder to have normal relationships, but it is possible.
A. E. Housman Innocence , American , Air In every American there is an air of incorrigible innocence, which seems to conceal a diabolical cunning.
A. J. McLean Think , Live , Boy We didn't realize there were that many boy bands until we started touring in Europe. I don't think we were ever affected by it since a lot of the groups in Europe didn't really sing live, but we did and would perform a cappella as well.
A. E. Housman Morning , Poetry , Experience Experience has taught me, when I am shaving of a morning, to keep watch over my thoughts, because, if a line of poetry strays into my memory, my skin bristles so that the razor ceases to act.
A. J. McLean Day , God , Thinking I pray to God I get inside a girl's head one day and see what in the WORLD they are thinking.
A. E. Housman Man , Think , Drink Ale, man, ale's the stuff to drink for fellows whom it hurts to think.
A. J. McLean Good , Great , Feel Good I look good. I feel good and not to sound conceited I sound great.
A. E. Housman Poetry , May , Meaning Even when poetry has a meaning, as it usually has, it may be inadvisable to draw it out... Perfect understanding will sometimes almost extinguish pleasure.
A. E. Housman Happy , Lost , Land That is the land of lost content, I see it shining plain, the happy highways where I went and cannot come again.
A. J. McLean Believe In Yourself , Feet You can have whatever you want if you believe in yourself and keep your feet firmly planted in the ground.
A. E. Housman Man , Criticism , Average The average man, if he meddles with criticism at all, is a conservative critic.
A. J. McLean People , Listen , Patient Be very, very patient and very open-minded, and listen to what people have to say.
A. E. Housman Poetry , Memory , Skin If a line of poetry strays into my memory, my skin bristles so that the razor ceases to act.
A. J. McLean Bed , Idea , Atlanta Once I went to bed in Orlando and I woke up in Atlanta. I have no idea how that happened.
A. E. Housman Life , Men , Lie Here dead lie we because we did not choose to live and shame the land from which we sprung. Life, to be sure, is nothing much to lose; but young men think it is, and we were young.
A. J. McLean Fear , Wedding , Dress I've worn a dress at my wedding. I've worn 6-inch Louboutins. I've got no fear and no shame.
A. E. Housman Nature , Think , Him Nature, not content with denying him the ability to think, has endowed him with the ability to write.
A. J. McLean Way , You , Anything You just can't let anything or anyone get in the way of who you are.
A. E. Housman God , Man , May The laws of God, the laws of man he may keep that will and can; not I: let God and man decree laws for themselves and not for me.
A. J. McLean Heart , I Am , People But people who really know me, know that I am not a bad boy at heart... I am a big teddy bear.
A. E. Housman Sky , Shoulder , Drink Shoulder the sky, my lad, and drink your ale.
A. J. McLean Roses , Guy , Likes I'm the type of guy who likes to be there 24-7. I'm Mr. Roses.
A. E. Housman God , Man , More Malt does more than Milton can to justify God's ways to man.
A. J. McLean Life , Us No one's a virgin, life screws us all!
A. E. Housman Sky , Angry , Proud The troubles of our proud and angry dust are from eternity, and shall not fail. Bear them we can, and if we can we must. Shoulder the sky, my lad, and drink your ale.
A. J. McLean Women , Most , More I shop more than most women.
A. E. Housman God , Man , More And malt does more than Milton can to justify God's ways to man.
A. J. McLean Window , Old , Sing I'll sing outside your window. I'm as old fashioned as they come.
A. E. Housman World , Hell , Never Who made the world I cannot tell; 'Tis made, and here am I in hell. My hand, though now my knuckles bleed, I never soiled with such a deed.
A. J. McLean Music , Listening , Night I'm a bit of an insomniac. I go to bed at 5am because I get caught up in watching TV or listening to music at night.
A. J. McLean Eye , People , Trying I don't like it when people don't look me dead in the eye. I move my head around trying to catch their eye.
A. J. McLean Love , Theatre , Stage I grew up in musical theatre and love to perform on stage.
A. J. McLean Business , Women , Thinking Thinking back on it, I've been in this business since I was 3, and I grew up in musical theater, so I was raised and surrounded by gay men and gay women. I was hardly around anyone straight.
A. J. McLean Gay , Boy , You Everyone always says, 'When you look at a boy band, one of them has to be gay.' No, they don't.
A. J. McLean Dog , Listening , Night I'm the kind of guy who grew up listening to Three Dog Night and Lynyrd Skynyrd.
A. J. McLean Communication , People Communication is so much better when people are vulnerable.
A. J. McLean Home , Stress , Daughter I can't stress how much my daughter is an inspiration to stay sober. When I come home and she opens those big blue eyes at me, it's the most amazing feeling I could ever feel.
A. J. McLean Gay , Trying , Movement I, personally, am trying to get more and more involved with the gay and lesbian movement, very much so.
A. J. P. Taylor War , Inevitable , Out No war is inevitable until it breaks out.
A. J. P. Taylor War , Great , World Lenin was the first to discover that capitalism 'inevitably' caused war; and he discovered this only when the First World War was already being fought. Of course he was right. Since every great state was capitalist in 1914.
A. J. P. Taylor War , Peace , Great The great armies, accumulated to provide security and preserve the peace, carried the nations to war by their own weight.
A. J. P. Taylor Age , Fear , Greatest The greatest problem about old age is the fear that it may go on too long.
A. J. P. Taylor Believe , People , Trouble Psychoanalysts believe that the only 'normal' people are those who cause no trouble either to themselves or anyone else.
A. J. P. Taylor History , Mistakes , Past He was what I often think is a dangerous thing for a statesman to be - a student of history; and like most of those who study history, he learned from the mistakes of the past how to make new ones.
A. J. P. Taylor Power , Great , Past In my opinion, most of the great men of the past were only there for the beer - the wealth, prestige and grandeur that went with the power.
A. J. P. Taylor Racing , Accuracy , Clients A racing tipster who only reached Hitler's level of accuracy would not do well for his clients.
A. J. P. Taylor History , Mistakes , Past Like most of those who study history, he (Napoleon III) learned from the mistakes of the past how to make new ones.
A. J. P. Taylor Nothing , Happens , Inevitable Nothing is inevitable until it happens.
A. J. P. Taylor Life , Peace , Nothing There is nothing more agreeable in life than to make peace with the Establishment - and nothing more corrupting.
A. J. P. Taylor War , Political , Economic No matter what political reasons are given for war, the underlying reason is always economic.
A. J. P. Taylor Communism , Against , More The crusade against Communism was even more imaginary than the specter of Communism.
A. J. P. Taylor History , Shape , Human Human blunders usually do more to shape history than human wickedness.
A. J. P. Taylor Speech , Master , Policies A master of improvised speech and improvised policies.
A. N. Wilson Memories , Great , College On the rare occasions when I spend a night in Oxford, the keeping of the hours by the clock towers in New College, and Merton, and the great booming of Tom tolling 101 times at 9 pm at Christ Church are inextricably interwoven with memories and regrets and lost joys. The sound almost sends me mad, so intense are the feelings it evokes.
A. N. Wilson Logic , Hunger , Us The fact that logic cannot satisfy us awakens an almost insatiable hunger for the irrational.
A. N. Wilson Music , Joy , Sadness It would no doubt be very sentimental to argue - but I would argue it nevertheless - that the peculiar combination of joy and sadness in bell music - both of clock chimes, and of change-ringing - is very typical of England. It is of a piece with the irony in which English people habitually address one another.
A. N. Wilson Women , Men , Research The latest research has revealed that women have a higher IQ than men.
A. N. Wilson Woman , Responsibility , Job It is the woman - nearly always - in spite of all the advances of modern feminism, who still takes responsibility for the bulk of the chores, as well as doing her paid job. This is true even in households where men try to be unselfish and to do their share.
A. N. Wilson Strength , Age , Power Brain power improves by brain use, just as our bodily strength grows with exercise. And there is no doubt that a large proportion of the female population, from school days to late middle age, now have very complicated lives indeed.
A. N. Wilson Children , Living , Adapt It is remarkable how easily children and grown-ups adapt to living in a dictatorship organised by lunatics.
A. N. Wilson Success , Story , Monster Nearly all monster stories depend for their success on Jack killing the Giant, Beowulf or St. George slaying the Dragon, Harry Potter triumphing over the basilisk. That is their inner grammar, and the whole shape of the story leads towards it.
A. N. Wilson Death , Myself , Fear I might be deceiving myself but I do not think that I do have an inordinate fear of death.
A. N. Wilson Beginning , People , Me I'm starting to realize that people are beginning to want to know about me. It's a jolly strange idea.
A. N. Wilson Know , You , Rage If you know somebody is going to be awfully annoyed by something you write, that's obviously very satisfying, and if they howl with rage or cry, that's honey.
A. N. Wilson World , Picture , Physics Since Einstein developed his theory of relativity, and Rutherford and Bohr revolutionised physics, our picture of the world has radically changed.
A. N. Wilson Anti-Semitism , Common Anti-Semitism is extremely common.
A. N. Wilson Faith , Wise , Man I am shy to admit that I have followed the advice given all those years ago by a wise archbishop to a bewildered young man: that moments of unbelief 'don't matter,' that if you return to a practice of the faith, faith will return.
A. N. Wilson Family , Day , Together The Royal Family are not like you and me. They live in houses so big that you can walk round all day and never need to meet your spouse. The Queen and Prince Philip have never shared a bedroom in their lives. They don't even have breakfast together.
A. N. Wilson Family , Business , Death The death of any man aged 56 is very sad for his widow and family. And no one would deny that Steve Jobs was a brilliant and highly innovative technician, with great business flair and marketing ability.
A. N. Wilson Teacher , Politics , Massage I should prefer to have a politician who regularly went to a massage parlour than one who promised a laptop computer for every teacher.
A. N. Wilson Time , Morning , History If you read about Mussolini or Stalin or some of these other great monsters of history, they were at it all the time, that they were getting up in the morning very early. They were physically very active. They didn't eat lunch.
A. N. Wilson Life , Truth , Believe Of all liars the most arrogant are biographers: those who would have us believe, having surveyed a few boxes full of letters, diaries, bank statements and photographs, that they can play at the recording angel and tell the whole truth about another human life.
A. N. Wilson Sympathy , Honest , Feel I very much dislike the intolerance and moralism of many Christians, and feel more sympathy with Honest Doubters than with them.
A. N. Wilson Life , Companion , Been 'In Memoriam' has been my companion for all my grownup life.
A. N. Wilson Man , Him , Why Tennyson seems to be the patron saint of the wishy washies, which is perhaps why I admire him so much, not only as a poet, but as a man.
A. N. Wilson Love , Truth , Human Truth comes to us mediated by human love.
A. N. Wilson Tragedy , Land , Birth The United States is the ultimate land of optimistic promise, but it also gave birth to quintessentially pessimistic tragedy: 'Moby-Dick.'
A. N. Wilson Work , Corner , Dining I'm like Jane Austen - I work on the corner of the dining table.
A. N. Wilson Happy , Passion , Reading Reading about Queen Victoria has been a passion of mine since, as a child, I came across Laurence Housman's play 'Happy and Glorious,' with its Ernest Shepard illustrations.
A. N. Wilson Love , Music , Father When I think about atheist friends, including my father, they seem to me like people who have no ear for music, or who have never been in love.
A. N. Wilson Support , Political , Giving If only Queen Elizabeth II had the intellectual, political and linguistic skills of Queen Elizabeth I, many people would support giving her some of the powers of an elected president.
A. N. Wilson Knowledge , Myself , Past In the past, I used to counter any such notions by asking myself: 'Would you really want President Hattersley?' I now find that possibility rather cheers me up. With his chubby, Dickensian features and his knowledge of T.H. Green and other harmless leftish political classics, Hattersley might not be such a bad thing after all.
A. N. Wilson Alone , Thoughts , Perspective It is eerie being all but alone in Westminster Abbey. Without the tourists, there are only the dead, many of them kings and queens. They speak powerfully and put my thoughts into vivid perspective.
A. N. Wilson Life , Work , My Life I've never had a study in my life. I'm like Jane Austen - I work on the corner of the dining table.
A. N. Wilson Life , Think , Complicated IQ in general has improved since tests first began. Psychologists think that this is because modern life becomes ever more complicated.
A. N. Wilson Doubt , Done , Apple There is no doubt that, since 1977 and the launch of Apple II - the first computer it produced for the mass market - many things which used to be done on paper, or on the telephone, have been done easier and faster on a screen.
A. N. Wilson Death , Mind , Approach The approach of death certainly concentrates the mind.
A. N. Wilson Death , Fear , Me Fear of death has never played a large part in my consciousness - perhaps unimaginative of me.
A. N. Wilson Best , Think , Church I think that if you can't be loyal to the Church, it's best to get out.
A. N. Wilson Time , Mother , Friends Watching a whole cluster of friends, and my own mother, die over quite a short space of time convinced me that purely materialist 'explanations' for our mysterious human existence simply won't do - on an intellectual level.
A. N. Wilson Faith , Lost , Biography I had lost faith in biography.
A. N. Wilson Truth , People , Think I don't think you can tell the objective truth about a person. That's why people write novels.
A. N. Wilson Books , Write , Inadvertently I don't write books inadvertently.
A. N. Wilson Good , Influence , Early Iris Murdoch did influence my early novels very much, and influence is never entirely good.
A. N. Wilson Happy , People , Think I think one of the very frightening things about the regime of the National Socialists is that it made people happy.
A. N. Wilson Shadow , Everyone , Oneself Everyone writes in Tolstoy's shadow, whether one feels oneself to be Tolstoyan or not.
A. N. Wilson Day , Words , Book If you imagine writing 1,000 words a day, which most journalists do, that would be a very long book a year. I don't manage nearly that... but I have published slightly too much recently.
A. N. Wilson Believe , Church , I Believe I believe the collapse of the House of Windsor is tied in with the collapse of the Church of England.
A. N. Wilson Life , Hope , Today I suppose if I'd got a brilliant first and done research I might still be a don today, but I hope not. People become dons because they are incapable of doing anything else in life.
A. N. Wilson Father , Think , Catholic I think I became a Catholic to annoy my father.
A. N. Wilson Life , Done , Never The scribbler's life is never done.
A. N. Wilson Life , Queen , Me My kind publishers, Toby Mundy and Margaret Stead of Atlantic Books, have commissioned me to write the life of Queen Victoria.
A. N. Wilson Black , Green , Me It seems astonishing to be paid for indulging in pure pleasure. For me to go to Coburg is rather as if a trainspotter was sent for a few weeks to Swindon or a chocoholic asked on holiday by Green and Black.
A. N. Wilson Day , Religion , Thoughts I do not find it easy to articulate thoughts about religion. I remain the sort of person who turns off 'Thought for the Day' when it comes on the radio.
A. N. Wilson Respect , Thoughts , Queen Like many people in Britain, I have an affectionate respect for the Queen, and am surprised that I should be having such republican thoughts.
A.J. Styles Opportunity , People , Thought There's plenty of people who've never gotten the opportunity to wrestle at WrestleMania. To perform there and do that, I never thought it would ever happen. I had learned to live with it. So to say I did, that is a big notch in my belt.
A.J. Styles Myself , Goals , Want There's a lot of goals I've set in the WWE that I want to accomplish. I'm always setting goals for myself, and someday I want to be in the Hall of Fame.
A.J. Styles Respect , People , Me I've never really felt like a veteran. I've never felt like the guy who's like, 'OK, everyone needs to look up to me and respect me.' I've always just been one of the guys that people are excited to get in the ring with. That's all I want.
A.J. Styles Hair , Me , Long Everything I do, I want to be A.J. Styles. When you see a guy come out with dry, long hair, I want you to be like, 'Hey, that reminds me of A.J. Styles.' That's what I want.
A.J. Styles Happy , Face , Wrestling I busted my tail for so long, I'm just glad it's getting recognized now as part of the WWE. Because let's face it, the WWE is the biggest company out there when it comes to wrestling. I'm just happy that I'm being recognized as somebody who works hard, I guess.
A.J. Styles Video Games , Game , First I've been a video game guy since I was eight years old and got my first Nintendo. I've been addicted to video games ever since.
A.J. Styles Universe , Dream , Me I always say when it comes to dream matches, that is not up to me: that's up to the WWE Universe. That's up to the fans. But there is a guy on 'SmackDown' that I have yet to wrestle yet that's certainly gonna happen at some point, and that's Randy Orton.
A.J. Styles Busy , Looking , May Do I think Vince McMahon was looking at my matches in Japan going, 'We need him?' No. He wasn't. He's too busy. There's no way. But somebody may have been looking and going, 'All right, I like this guy. Let's give him a shot.'
A.J. Styles Work , Sports , I Am You just can't compare the WWE to anything else when it comes to sports entertainment. There is nothing like the WWE, nothing like this machine I am working for and I'm proud to work for.
A.J. Styles Great , Want , You That's the great thing with the WWE. They want you to be like John Cena, they want you to be like The Rock, and they definitely give you that platform.
A.J. Styles Champion , World , Thought Who would have ever thought that, within a couple months of getting into the WWE, that I'd be wrestling in the main event for the world championship? Then, nine months after getting here, actually being the world champion.
A.J. Styles Life , Love , Mistakes I would love to tell you that it's been absolutely perfect, that I've been a man that's been super Christian. But I've had mistakes, dumb things I've regretted, so it's not a perfect life. But it's one that has helped me make better decisions.
A.J. Styles Job , People , Me Sometimes I feel like if I'm not getting people to boo me, then I'm not doing my job right.
A.J. Styles Door , Back , Way If we're talking about guys who set the tone, you've got to go way back. But if we're talking about guys who made it possible for guys like A.J. Styles, Shawn Michaels kind of opened that door, along with Daniel Bryan.
A.J. Styles You , Young , Feel You're only as old as you feel, and I feel pretty young. I've got one gear, and till it gets reversed, I'm going all out.
A.J. Styles Wrestling , New , Quiet Wrestling in Japan, obviously, the fans are a little bit different - very quiet, very respectful in New Japan - but here in the WWE, these fans are going nuts.
A.J. Styles Work , Hope , People I hope to have more than one main weapon. I have the Phenomenal Forearm as we're calling it now, the Calf Crusher - the Styles Clash is still available. I like to have a lot of alternative moves to hit people with, and whatever seems to work is what I'll go with.
A.J. Styles Memories , Goal , Amazing I want to be known as A.J. Styles, the WWE Superstar that he is, and have amazing matches, make memories - I think that's the goal.
A.J. Styles Want , I Can , Like There's a couple guys that I'd like to wrestle, but truthfully, I want to wrestle as many guys as I can.
A.J. Styles Best , Power , Fool Shinsuke Nakamura is probably one of the best wrestlers I've ever been in the ring with. He's very unorthodox. Everything he does is with knockout power. He's a guy who is very flamboyant, so don't let his Michael Jackson antics fool you. This guy is deadly.
A.J. Styles Myself , Good , Down I went to church when I was younger, but it was never something pushed down my throat or anything, which is a good thing. I found out for myself where I belonged.
A.J. Styles Dad , Words , Career At my house, it's an, 'If dad says it, you can say it' kind of deal, so a lot of my slang words come off very childish at this point in my career.
A.J. Styles Think , Know , You The WWE is based on, I think, reaction. You know, if you can't get a reaction, that means you can't put butts in the seats.
A.J. Styles Great , May , Think I think the thing that I get most excited about is the fact that I know I'm gonna have a great match. That's when I get the butterflies. When it's just a regular match or something like that, I may not get that.
A.J. Styles People , Cheer , Done Everybody either hates or loves John Cena; there's no medium. I feel like that I've accomplished something when I get people to cheer for John Cena. I feel like I've done something.
A.J. Styles Cool , Man , Remember You just remember back when you were watching as a kid and going, 'Man, Sting's so cool,' and now I'm wrestling the guy. It's breathtaking.
Aaron Douglas Acting , Doing , Worst I would be the worst acting coach ever, because I have no idea what I'm doing.
Aaron Douglas Love , Time , World I love going to conventions, and I love spending time with the fans and going to parts of the world where I wouldn't normally go.
Aaron Douglas Funny , Time , Team I grew up playing hockey and some football, and I always think about the first time you walk into the locker room on a new team. The cliques are looking at you funny, and you make one friend, but then they're trying to stab you in the back.
Aaron Douglas Man , Short , Hair I'm a chubby middle-aged white guy with short hair. I think that's it, really. I kind of have a look. Right now, I'm not fat enough to be the fat friend, but I'm not thin enough to be the leading man, so I look like a cop.
Aaron Douglas Mom , Remember , Actor My mom says that when I was a little kid, I always used to say I wanted to be an actor, but I don't remember that.
Aaron Douglas Money , Stress , Trying As an actor, we're unemployed a lot, so I'm familiar with the stress of trying to get a gig, and sometimes you take shows that you don't really want to do to keep the money coming in.
Aaron Douglas Great , Waiting , Week The great thing about 'Battlestar' was that it was basically 'Star Wars' but once a week, as opposed to waiting for three years for the movie to come out. I was a huge 'Battlestar' fan.
Aaron Douglas Prison , Me , Head My buddy tells me a lot of interesting stories about what goes on in prison - it just makes my head spin about what they deal with on a day-to-day basis.
Aaron Douglas Life , Character , Bridge I have a new show now called 'The Bridge,' where I play a guy who's a real-life guy. My character's based on the life of a guy named Craig Bromell who was a cop for 12 years and then became head of the police association, so basically the president of the union for 85,000 cops.
Aaron Douglas Justice , School , Thinking I remember in high school thinking that I wanted to be a lawyer, and now I realize I saw that movie 'And Justice for All' when I was a kid and thought, 'That's what lawyers do, and I want to get up and yell and scream in the middle of a courtroom.'
Aaron Douglas Love , Family , Beautiful When I was fourteen years old, our family drove all the way from Vancouver to Newfoundland and back. I've been all across the great land of Canada. I absolutely love the Maritimes, and I'm very excited to go back, particularly in the fall when it's one of the most beautiful places on Earth.
Aaron Douglas People , Direction , Map 'Star Trek' put sci-fi on the map and changed television, and 'Battlestar' has changed it in another direction by making it a little more mainstream and acceptable to people who wouldn't normally watch sci-fi.
Aaron Douglas Die , You , Idea I don't like shows that are predictable. I like it when you're shocked and you have no idea who's about to die.
Aaron Douglas Love , Know , You I do miss 'Battlestar', the cast and crew. That was a pretty well-oiled machine. It's sort of like you don't know what you've got till it's gone. But I go to a lot of sci-fi conventions, and I love going and talking about the show.
Aaron Burr Life , Business , My Life The rule of my life is to make business a pleasure, and pleasure my business.
Aaron Burr Today , Regret , Tomorrow Never do today what you can do tomorrow. Something may occur to make you regret your premature action.
Aaron Burr Man , Young Man , Young Go West, young man.
Aaron Patzer Life , Myself , Light I consider myself an inventor first and an entrepreneur second. In real life, my hero is Thomas Edison. He was a great inventor, but also an outstanding entrepreneur who was able to sell his inventions to the masses. He didn't just develop the light bulb; he invented the entire electric grid and power distribution system.
Aaron Patzer Myself , Science , School I've actually started a number of businesses in my career. So I'm 28 currently, but when I was about 16, I started building Websites, and that's how I put myself through school. I went to Duke with a degree in electrical engineering, computer science, computer engineering, and then to Princeton.
Aaron Patzer Respect , Sports , People I think sports and bodybuilding were the only things that saved me from getting beat up. People are not pleased, for whatever reason, when you can answer all the questions in class. If not for the respect I got from track, cross-country, wrestling and bodybuilding, it would have been a disaster.
Aaron Patzer Smart , Space , People I actually don't invest in anything that is social, mobile, deals or ad networks simply because those are areas where there are so many players and so many other smart people in the space, I feel like I don't have a competitive advantage. So I tend to go after things that are e-commerce, like healthcare.
Aaron Patzer Myself , Thought , Engineer I have always thought of myself as an inventor first and foremost. An engineer. An entrepreneur. In that order. I never thought of myself as an employee. But my first jobs as an adult were as an employee: at IBM, and then at my first start-up.
Aaron Patzer Life , Work , Money The start-up life kept me busy and surfaced the problem of not being able to stay on top of my personal finances, which led me to invent I was working 80-hour weeks, and had done enough preliminary work and research to know I had a big idea: To make money management effortless and automated.
Aaron Patzer Myself , Fear , Yourself After building most of's prototype by myself, I talked to anyone and everyone I knew about Mint. It's counter-intuitive, because you might fear someone will steal your idea, but it's the only way to make connections, be sure you're on the right track, and provide a solution for an audience broader than yourself.
Aaron Patzer Business , Time , Research I've been spending quite a bit of time in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the U.K. as Mint is expanding globally, and I'm personally doing much of the research and business deals to make them happen.
Aaron Patzer Finance , Simple , Search If you look on Amazon - if you do a search for personal finance, there are literally 20,000 books written on personal finance, and there's no real reason for it. I mean, personal finance is pretty simple.
Aaron Patzer Credit Card , Credit , Month If you pay your credit card off every month, get a rewards card. One that gives you airline miles or that will give you 1 percent cash back at least on every purchase.
Aaron Patzer Food , Water , School I'm typically a 'just drink water' kind of guy. I was a bodybuilder in high school, so I used to - food to me was, 'there are this many grams of carbohydrates and proteins, and I need these micronutrients in order to grow and be fit,' and I ate in order to live and not live in order to eat, and I think most people are the opposite.
Aaron Patzer Food , Money , Culture I know it sounds weird, but the food that I eat, it doesn't make a big difference, and it never has. So, I've saved a ton of money not buying a lot of alcohol, not going out to restaurants too much. So, I think it's part of our culture, and it's part of a social activity more than anything else.
Aaron Patzer Car , Dress , Successful The way you dress or the car you drive or what you spend is to impress other people with how, I guess, successful and rich you are. But you're not, and you shouldn't, and who gives a damn what other people think anyway. So, that mentality, I think, is very destructive.
Aaron Patzer Business , Opportunities Mint's business model became, 'We'll go for free, and then we'll find these savings opportunities for you.' You know, better interest rate on your credit cards, when should you consolidate your student loans, when does it mathematically make sense to refinance your mortgage, and Mint figures all that stuff out for you.
Aaron Patzer Business , Think , Play If you think about photo sharing sites, the mobile photo sharing and social, there's no competitive advantage, there's no obvious business model, so I never play with anything like that. I avoid it like the plague.
Aaron Patzer Work , Business , Time Kevin Systrom of Instagram used to work for us as a consultant in the early days of Mint. I knew him a long time ago. Maybe I could have gotten in there. But with photo sharing, I don't know if there's an obvious business model. I don't think there's a competitive, sustainable advantage.
Aaron Patzer Computers , Internet , Late When I was 8 or 9, I started using bulletin board systems, which was the precursor to the Internet, where you'd dial into... a shared system and shared computers. I've had an email address since the late '80s, when I was 8 or 9 years old, and then I got on the Internet in '93 when it was first starting out.
Aaron Patzer Life , Science , Good I always knew I wanted to be a technologist, so I went to Duke and got a degree in computer science and electrical engineering. Really, I thought my goal in life was to be an inventor, a problem solver, so I thought I needed a Ph.D. to be good at inventions, but it turns out that you don't.
Aaron Patzer Three , Way , First In the first three years of Mint, from when it was founded to when it was sold, I can honestly say that in a sustainable way, I couldn't have worked any harder on it.
Aaron Patzer Problem , Start , Company You don't start a company because you want to be an entrepreneur or the fame and glory that comes along with it. You become an entrepreneur, and you create a company to solve a real problem. And by real problem, I mean a problem that is going to exist down the line.
Aaron Patzer Opportunity , Company , Price One third of the economy goes through 'QuickBooks' in terms of businesses invoicing other businesses. Each invoice contains a connection between vendors, suppliers, and customers, and also the price of that connection. Representing the payment graph is huge opportunity and something no other company can do.
Aaron Patzer Money , Week , Powerful Before, I was a long-time user of 'Microsoft Money' and Intuit's 'Quicken.' Both were powerful tools, loaded with features and functionality around taxes, investment, budgeting - too feature-laden, in fact. They took hours to set up, forever to learn, and an hour a week to maintain.
Aaron Patzer Time , Financial , Giving I wanted to build a tool for my generation: people 20 to 40 who don't want to spend time balancing a checkbook or checking multiple financial institutions' websites. Mint does just that, giving comprehensive, quick insights into a user's finances from their computer, mobile phone and/or tablet.
Aaron Patzer Business , Age , Internet At 16, I started a web development business and had clients from the Netherlands, Caribbean, and across the country - none of whom knew my age because I could conduct all my business with a phone, scanner, and the Internet.
Aaron Patzer Work , Time , Tired The typical workday, particularly in startup mode, is from nine to six or nine to seven, then you take a two-hour break to work out and eat dinner. By that time, you're relaxed, and then you work until midnight or one A.M. If there was no break with physical activity, you'd be more tired and less alert.
Aaron Patzer Good , Tree , Feet Whenever I see a tree that is climbable, it must be climbed. Sometimes when I'm on a run, I'll just run up a tree, jump on a branch and swing off. My favorite tree, in Saratoga, gets me a good 75 feet up.
Aaron Paul Good , World , Good Person If everyone were a good person, it'd obviously be a better world.
Aaron Paul Life , Travel , Money I live a good life but a pretty simply life. I just store all my money under my mattress. My wife and I travel, and I bought my dream car, the Cobra.
Aaron Paul Work , Speed , Canvas With this film, 'Need For Speed,' with this, we had a blank canvas to work with. What we had to do was have fast cars, and that's it.
Aaron Paul Thank You , Me , Group Thank you, Hollywood, for allowing me to be part of your group.
Aaron Paul Bad , High , Breaking 'Breaking Bad' was such a high plateau.
Aaron Paul Music , Road , Listen I need to listen to chill music when I'm driving. It prevents road rage.
Aaron Paul Heart , Fun , Me My heart is in independent film-making. For me, it's where the fun, gritty storytelling is being told.
Aaron Paul Nephews , Nieces I have 14 nieces and nephews.
Aaron Paul Greatest , Band , Planet I'm obsessed with Radiohead. They're just the greatest band on the planet.
Aaron Paul Success , People , Cherish I saw a lot of people have success handed to them that then exploited it. They didn't protect it or cherish it.
Aaron Paul Love , Drive , Muscle I drive a 1965 Shelby Cobra. I love classic muscle cars.
Aaron Paul Great , Television , Long That's what's so great about television. You're able to tell this long story, where you couldn't really do that in a film because you have to tell a story in an hour and a half or two hours.
Aaron Paul Small , Small Town , Born I grew up all over Idaho - I was born in Emmett, a very small town.
Aaron Paul Acting , Think , Done I think by eighth grade I knew I wanted to be an actor. I'd done church plays and stuff, but my first actual acting class was in eighth grade. I was obsessed with it.
Aaron Paul Faith , Good , People I think that for some people faith is good - they have something to draw to.
Aaron Paul Love , Will , Always I'm just in love with Burberry. Always have been, always will be.
Aaron Paul Age , Father , Good I definitely had a very religious upbringing. My father was just instilling good morals into us at a very young age, and it wasn't super-strict, but it was a loving, warm household.
Aaron Paul Day , Career , Bad It was the roughest day of my career, my final day of shooting on 'Breaking Bad,' knowing that I will never be able to kind of zip on that skin again.
Aaron Paul Love , Work , Joy I love everyone over at Netflix. They're all fantastic and an absolute joy to work with.
Aaron Paul Funny , Think , Drama It's so funny, I've done so many projects where I've been interrogated. I guest starred on almost every hour drama, and I'm always the guy they think is the bad guy but then they find out is not.
Aaron Paul Love , Sports , Team I've got to be honest and say that, growing up, I wasn't a big sports guy, but I love the camaraderie. I just love people getting together, fighting for a team and getting super-emotional about it.
Aaron Paul Love , Deep , Me I love diving into different skins, skins that make me feel deep emotions.
Aaron Paul Business , Job , Trying I'm trying to have some longevity in this business. If that means not working for a while and just picking the right job, so be it.
Aaron Paul Work , Beginning , First When I first started, I just wanted to work. I wouldn't necessarily do anything, but I'd pretty much almost do anything at the very beginning.
Aaron Paul Character , Actor I'm a character actor.
Aaron Paul Love , Odd , Playing I love playing odd roles.
Aaron Paul Actor , Human , Human Being I've grown so much, not just as an actor, but as a human being.
Aaron Paul Hurt , People , Want People get in fights because they don't communicate, because you don't want to hurt the other person.
Aaron Paul Relationship , Wife , Talk My wife and I do not argue. We communicate. We talk. But we've never fought in our entire relationship.
Aaron Paul Home , Control , Dream When you're mid-season, in very intense situations, it's hard not to take that home with you. Especially when you're sleeping, you can't control what you dream about. And it sneaks into the unconscious.
Aaron Paul Dad , Me , Listen My dad didn't want me to listen to Zeppelin, I think because it reminded him of his wilder days, and now he's a retired Southern Baptist minister.
Aaron Paul Journey , Singing , You You feel like you're really a part of a movement when you're singing Journey at a karaoke bar.
Aaron Paul Growing Up , Growing , Watch When I was a kid growing up, I used to watch 'DuckTales.'
Aaron Paul Hate , Said , Musicals I hate musicals. There, I said it.
Aaron Paul Love , Time , Fun I rode a shark once. I wouldn't recommend it. It was fun, but I thought I was going to get eaten the entire time! Nothing against sharks. I love sharks. I just don't think we are meant to ride them.
Aaron Paul Great , Competition , Small What's so great about Sundance is that they only accept such a small handful of films per year for dramatic competition, so you know when you're going to Sundance that you're going to see top-quality projects.
Aaron Paul Me , Always , Characters I always gravitate towards characters that are so opposite of me.
Aaron Paul Love , Age , Struggle I love coming of age stories that have struggle.
Aaron Paul Love , Business , Me You've got to be picky in this business - if you're not, then I don't think you have the option of longevity. You've got to be choosy and try and do something that's outside of the box and dangerous. I love doing stuff that excites me, gives me that adrenalin rush.
Aaron Paul Work , Business , Good It's very exciting to be able to just work in this business, let alone on stuff you are extremely proud of. So it does make me a little nervous, because 'Breaking Bad' is so special. It's great being part of something so great because people pay attention to you, hopefully because you're doing good work.
Aaron Paul People , Duck , Way On a big film, there's almost no way you can meet everyone. On an indie, there are 30 people and no trailers to duck into.
Aaron Paul Character , Seasons , Bad I got spoiled on 'Breaking Bad.' Playing the same guy for four or five seasons, you get to really explore who the character is.
Aaron Paul Love , Time , Passion I always gravitate towards the independent side of things, just because those are the stories I always fall in love with, but you don't really get paid, and living in Los Angeles is expensive, and I have a mortgage to pay. So it's good to jump onto a studio film and then in all my other time do small passion projects.
Aaron Paul Life , Good , Wife I've been snowboarding my whole life. My wife's really good, and I just try to keep up with her.
Aaron Paul Car , School , High School Yeah, I left Idaho at 17. You know, I graduated high school a year early and just, you know, the typical story, packed up my car and moved out.
Aaron Paul Career , Doing , First The first part of my career, how I was paying the bills was commercials. I was just doing tons of commercials.
Aaron Paul Security , Honest , Never I mean, I've never really had much security, to be honest.
Aaron Paul Man , Leading , Leading Man I'm not a leading man.
Aaron Paul Love , Money , People I didn't come from any money, but even when I was on 'Big Love' - people think you're on a series and you're making bank.
Aaron Paul Job , Hands , Speak My favourite job hands down - and I think I can speak for everyone involved - was 'Breaking Bad.'
Aaron Paul School , High School , Movies I was very driven in high school. I worked a bunch of odd jobs. I never partied. I never drank. I was just a theater geek who was obsessed with movies.
Aaron Paul Romantic , Enjoy , Understand I don't understand why every guy is not a romantic. I enjoy it.
Aaron Swartz River , Exercise , Help Seriously, who really cares how long the Nile river is, or who was the first to discover cheese? How is memorizing that ever going to help anyone? Instead, we need to give kids projects that allow them to exercise their minds and discover things for themselves.
Aaron Swartz Power , Information , Want Information is power. But like all power, there are those who want to keep it for themselves.
Aaron Swartz Dad , Computers , Start I was around computers from birth; we had one of the first Macs, which came out shortly before I was born, and my dad ran a company that wrote computer operating systems. I don't think I have any particular technical skills; I just got a really large head start.
Aaron Swartz Day , End , Cheating At the end of the day, we have an economy that works for the rich by cheating the poor, and unequal schools are the result of that, not the cause.
Aaron Swartz World , Heritage , Over The world's entire scientific and cultural heritage, published over centuries in books and journals, is increasingly being digitized and locked up by a handful of private corporations.
Aaron Swartz Internet , Know , Now Now, as far as I know, nobody has ever put up the U.S.'s nuclear missiles on the Internet. I mean, it's not something I've heard about.
Aaron Swartz Education , Facts , Genuine Real education is about genuine understanding and the ability to figure things out on your own; not about making sure every 7th grader has memorized all the facts some bureaucrats have put in the 7th grade curriculum.
Aaron Swartz Small , Small Things , Me Normally, I just sit in my quiet little room and do the small things that bring me pleasures. I read my books, I answer email, I write a little bit.
Aaron Swartz Greed , Laws , Would Large corporations, of course, are blinded by greed. The laws under which they operate require it - their shareholders would revolt at anything less.
Aaron Swartz Work , Internet , Movement The Open Access Movement has fought valiantly to ensure that scientists do not sign their copyrights away but instead ensure their work is published on the Internet, under terms that allow anyone to access it.
Aaron Swartz Big , Human , Need Big stories need human stakes.
Aaron Swartz Legacy , America , Ending We must erase bin Laden's ugly legacy, not extend it: by ending the Patriot Act's erosion of our civil liberties, we can protect the freedoms that make America worth fighting for.
Aaron Swartz Book , Legacy , Library What if there was a library which held every book? Not every book on sale, or every important book, or even every book in English, but simply every book - a key part of our planet's cultural legacy.
Aaron Swartz Myself , Truth , People Most people, it seems, stretch the truth to make themselves seem more impressive. I, it seems, stretch the truth to make myself look worse.
Aaron Swartz Work , Friends , People Even among those who I would not count as 'friends,' I have met many people online who have simply commented on my work or are interested by what I do.
Aaron Swartz Great , Job , Writing Writing an encyclopedia is hard. To do anywhere near a decent job, you have to know a great deal of information about an incredibly wide variety of subjects. Writing so much text is difficult, but doing all the background research seems impossible.
Aaron Swartz Community , World , Building The library world is set up on this model where the library is a physical building and has a number of books and serves a geographical community.
Aaron Swartz Doing , Idea , Nobody Assume nobody else has any idea what they're doing, either.
Aaron Swartz Technology , Great , World Being around some of the bright lights of the technology world and having them expect great things helps you sit down and do it seriously.
Aaron Swartz Strong , School , Internet Through the Internet, I've developed a strong social network - something I could never do if I had to keep my choice of peers within school grounds.
Aaron Swartz Power , Government , Way Without the ability to talk about government power, there's no way for citizens to make sure this power isn't being misused.
Aaron Swartz Need , Scientific , Download We need to download scientific journals and upload them to file-sharing networks.
Aaron Swartz Reading , Job , Library When I go to a library and I see the librarian at her desk reading, I'm afraid to interrupt her, even though she sits there specifically so that she may be interrupted, even though being interrupted for reasons like this by people like me is her very job.
Aaron Swartz Life , Friends , Fun I'm not such a nuisance to the world, and the kick I get out of living can, I suppose, justify the impositions I make on it. But when life isn't so fun, well, then I start to wonder. What's the point of going on if it's just trouble for us both? My friends will miss me, I am told.
Aaron Swartz Everything , Say , Yes Say yes to everything.
Aaron Swartz Age , Meaningful , Driving I have developed my most meaningful relationships online. None of them live within driving distance. None of them are about my own age.
Abbas Kiarostami Look , Frame , Us I've often noticed that we are not able to look at what we have in front of us, unless it's inside a frame.
Abbas Kiarostami Life , Nature , Truth I film normal-life subjects in natural settings that some people would consider uncinematic. But what I want to show is nature itself, as the truth of life.
Abbas Kiarostami Life , Time , Opportunity Cinema gives you the opportunity to be both a grandparent and a grandchild whereas in life you cannot be both at the same time.
Abbas Kiarostami Time , Me , Wood I spend a lot of time doing carpentry. Sometimes there is nothing that gives me the contentment that sawing a piece of wood does.
Abbas Kiarostami Tree , Grateful , Earth I feel like a tree. A tree doesn't feel a duty to start doing something about the earth from which it comes. A tree just has to bear fruit, and leaves and blossoms. It doesn't feel grateful to the earth.
Abbas Kiarostami Culture , You , Universal In order to be universal, you have to be rooted in your own culture.
Abbas Kiarostami Work , End , Talk When I talk to some of the younger filmmakers, they are so worried about their films that, eventually, this state of being worried reflects itself in and helps the final work. Whereas, with projects that are meticulously planned, you look at the end result and it is full of emptiness.
Abbas Kiarostami Listening , Mind , Remember I really enjoy listening to stories. I remember them and keep them in my mind.
Abbas Kiarostami Violence , Think , Never I think violence can never be justified.
Abbas Kiarostami People , Me , Story Whenever people ask me what the story is for my next film, I won't tell and people feel it's because I'm being secretive or something, but it's actually because I'm ashamed to sum up a film in three sentences.
Abbas Kiarostami Life , Violence , Never There is violence in real life but I would never impose violence in a film just to attract the audience.
Abbas Kiarostami Humanity , Human , Movie A movie is about human beings, about humanity.
Abbas Kiarostami Life , Religion , Language All the different nations in the world, despite their differences of appearance and religion and language and way of life, still have one thing in common, and that is what's inside of all of us. If we X-rayed the insides of different human beings, we wouldn't be able to tell from those X-rays what the person's language or background or race is.
Abbas Kiarostami Time , Poetry , Different Poetry always runs away from you - it's very difficult to grasp it, and every time you read it, depending on your conditions, you will have a different grasp of it. Whereas with a novel, once you have read it, you have grasped it.
Abbas Kiarostami Work , Marketing , Selfish I would be too selfish if I said everyone should see my movies more than once. To say that would mean I'm just marketing my work!
Abbas Kiarostami Life , Information , People Cinema seats make people lazy. They expect to be given all the information. But for me, question marks are the punctuation of life.
Abbas Kiarostami Home , World , Workshop The world is my workshop. It is not my home.
Abbas Kiarostami Advice , Live , Anyone I have no advice for anyone on how to live.
Abbas Kiarostami Work , Country , Two There are at least two retrospectives of my work each year in some country.
Abbas Kiarostami Work , Best , Think I think I really produce my best work in Iran.
Abbas Kiarostami Myself , Never , Reflect I never reflect or convey that which I have not experienced myself.
Abbas Kiarostami Day , Free , Will The day we run out of petrol is the day Iran will be free.
Abbas Kiarostami Want , Story , First From my very first movie, what was my concentration, my inspiration, was I didn't want to narrate something, I didn't want to tell a story. I wanted to show something, I wanted for them to make their own story from what they were seeing.
Abbas Kiarostami Beginning , I Am , End Everybody knows that I am not usually patient enough to actually sit down and watch one of my own films from the beginning to the end - I never do.
Abbas Kiarostami Poetry , Darkness , You In the total darkness, poetry is still there, and it is there for you.
Abbas Kiarostami I Am , World , Citizen I am a citizen of the world.
Abdolkarim Soroush Relationship , Media , Islam After the 9/11 incidents, Islam has become a big question mark among westerners, especially Americans. The mass media constantly raise the issue of relationship between Islam and terrorism.
Abdolkarim Soroush Goals , Objectives , Based Goals and objectives are based on theories and foundations.
Abdolkarim Soroush People , Meeting , First People first concern themselves with meeting their basic needs; only afterwards, do they pursue any higher needs.
Abdolkarim Soroush Nature , Society , Reality We coin concepts and we use them to analyse and explain nature and society. But we seem to forget, midway, that these concepts are our own constructs and start equating them with reality.
Abdolkarim Soroush Power , Character , Politics Religion forbids us from assuming a God-like character. This is especially true in politics and government, where limiting the power of the state, division of powers, and the doctrine of checks and balances are established in order to prevent accumulation of power that might lead to such Godly claims.
Abdolkarim Soroush Truth , Identity , Islam Establishing an equilibrium between the Islam of truth and Islam as an identity is one of the most difficult tasks of religious intellectuals.
Abdolkarim Soroush Identity , People , Group If a group of people feels that it has been humiliated and that its honour has been trampled underfoot, it will want to express its identity and this expression of an identity will take different shapes and forms.
Abdolkarim Soroush Questions , Become , Answers In order for answers to become clear, the questions have to be clear.
Abdolkarim Soroush Negative , Compromise Compromise has a negative connotation.
Abdolkarim Soroush God , People , Understanding God manifests himself in each historical period according to the understanding of the people of the era.
Abdolkarim Soroush Energy , Been , Known Energy is a concept that has been coined by physicists. There is no observable thing known as energy anywhere.
Abdolkarim Soroush Small , Problems , Down We must break problems down into small, digestible bits. We must define the concepts that we use and explain what components they consist of. We must tackle small problems.
Abdolkarim Soroush People , Name , Attention In many of the things that people do, they themselves are the centre of attention, but they inscribe some other name on their banner.
Abdolkarim Soroush Leader , Green , Be Prepared There are all sorts of cries that the leaders of the Green Movement should submit themselves to the supreme leader, but that won't take place. Both sides have to be prepared for a serious negotiation.
Abdolkarim Soroush Religion , Living , You The clergy earns its living from religion. If your interests are secured through religion, then you will defend your interests first, and religion will become secondary.
Abdolkarim Soroush Influence , Impossible , View It is impossible to advance new theories... when you are under the influence of a particular view, or under the pressure of a particular dogma.
Abdolkarim Soroush History , Freedom , Justice That President Mohammad Khatami's policies have been blocked is the bitterest incident in the contemporary Iranian history. This means that the wishes of millions of people who voted for Khatami and called for freedom and justice have been ignored... Why should cultural activities and journalism be so risky in Iran?
Abdolkarim Soroush Identity , Awareness , Being As a result of the awareness and consciousness of decline, an awareness and consciousness of a national ethnicity or an Islamic identity also came into being.
Abdolkarim Soroush People , Want , Know People should know what they want, not just what they don't want.
Abdolkarim Soroush Democracy , People , Faithful One of the achievements of the reform movement is that people realize that they can be democrats and remain faithful Muslims. Democracy is now an established idea.
Abdolkarim Soroush Nature , Religion , Islam Islam, or any religion, will become totalitarian if it is made into an ideology, because that is the nature of ideologies.
Abdolkarim Soroush Woman , Idea , Like When I have an idea, I'm like a pregnant woman. I just have to deliver.
Abdolkarim Soroush God , Religion , Understand It is up to God to reveal a religion, but up to us to understand and realise it.
Abdolkarim Soroush Science , Poverty , Prosperity Arresting development, attacking science, and glorifying poverty is not the answer to the vices that attend prosperity.
Abdolkarim Soroush Spiritual , Human , Benefits Human beings can remain spiritual and religious while enjoying the benefits of rational administration of their affairs.
Abdolkarim Soroush Humanity , Impossible , View A realistic view of humanity will stop the proliferation of impossible injunctions.
Abdullah II of Jordan Underestimate , Dangerous It is always dangerous to underestimate anybody.
Abdullah II of Jordan Be Different , Different Each country its cost analysis is going to be different. So what we are you seeing in Syria, for example, is different than what's going on in Jordan. The maps are being rewritten.
Abdullah II of Jordan Future , Writing , World The Arab World is writing a new future; the pen is in our own hands.
Abdullah II of Jordan Time , Hope , Opportunity When I talk to people in need, they tell me they want to hope; they are eager for opportunity; they are ready for better days. And I can tell you that every time their hopes are disappointed, all nations lose.
Abdullah II of Jordan Confidence , Help , American Wikileaks didn't help confidence with American administrations because of conversations made public so easily.
Abdullah II of Jordan Change , Successful , Process In our view, successful reform is not an event. It is a sustainable process that will build on its own successes - a virtuous cycle of change.
Abdullah II of Jordan Peace , Together , Believe Together, we can create a world in which peace is real; in which every human being can thrive; in which all share the promise of our century. I believe we can succeed.
Abdullah II of Jordan Age , Today , Humanity Today more than ever we need creative minds to address the issues of the age. And one of the most urgent is this: How can humanity know so much, achieve so much, and still fail so many people so badly?
Abdullah II of Jordan Future , Forward , Help Blowing up buses will not induce the Israelis to move forward, and neither will the killing of Palestinians or the demolition of their homes and their future. All this needs to stop. And we pledge that Jordan will do its utmost to help achieve it.
Abdullah II of Jordan Hope , Day , End At the end of the day we want to bring stability and hope to Iraq. That's the only way to defeat terrorism.
Abdullah II of Jordan Life , Wisdom , Courage I have the responsibility of over four million people, and I am in a position to do good, to be able to bring about a new life for my people, and I will continue to move in that direction. It's a burden, but it needs to be done, and you have to have the courage and wisdom to see it through.
Abdullah II of Jordan Hope , Freedom , Children Many will view the compromises that will be made during your negotiations as painful concessions. But why not view them as peace offerings, ones that will provide in return the priceless gifts of hope, security and freedom for our children and our children's?
Abdullah II of Jordan Evil , World , Terrorism We're never going to be able to get rid of terrorism, because there is always going to be evil in the world.
Abdullah II of Jordan Three , Look , Religions I look at Jerusalem as being a beacon for the three monotheistic religions.
Abdullah II of Jordan World , Think , Better Fifty-seven countries in the world, a third of the United Nations, do not recognize Israel. In a way, I think North Korea has better international relations than Israel.
Abdullah II of Jordan Dreams , Courage , Today Prime Minister Sharon, Prime Minister Abbas, I urge you today to end the designs of those who seek destruction, annihilation and occupation, and I urge you to have the will and the courage to begin to realize our dreams of peace, prosperity and coexistence.
Abdullah II of Jordan Support , Beginning , Building The more I support with my economic plans the building of a middle class, the quicker they're going to turn around and say, 'Hey, we want a bigger say in things.' So, I knew what I was getting into right at the beginning. It's the right thing to do.
Abdullah II of Jordan Change , Ideas , Resistance There is resistance to change. There's a resistance to ideas.
Abdullah II of Jordan Person , Forced , Type I'm not the type of person that is forced.
Abdullah II of Jordan Future , Security The security and the future of Jordan is hand-in-hand with the future of the Palestinians and the Israelis.
Abdullah II of Jordan Success , Democracy , People I think the success of democracy is not really police security; it's the presence of a broad middle class. The stronger the middle class of a people is, the less you have to worry about one group coming in and exploiting the democratic process for its own ends.
Abdullah II of Jordan Justice , Violence , Earth Earth's dispossessed are vulnerable targets for extremists: those who teach that global justice is meaningless; that satisfaction can come only in violence, division, and intellectual isolation.
Abdullah II of Jordan Knowledge , Daily , Changes Historic changes and challenges. Breakthroughs in human knowledge and opportunity. And yet, for vast numbers across the globe, the daily realities have not altered.
Abdullah II of Jordan Day , Peace , Together Mr. President, prime ministers, let us have ambitions: ambitions to move beyond the violence and occupation, to the day when two states, Palestine and Israel, can live together side by side in peace and security.
Abdullah II of Jordan Hope , Fear , Progress Over the past few years, the road to confrontation has shown its consequences: loss of innocent lives, destruction and fear. Most costly, however, was the loss of hope. The most precious gift that you can present to your peoples over the coming weeks is renewed hope born out of tangible progress on the ground.
Abdullah II of Jordan Democracy , World , People We want to be, I think, an example for the rest of the Arab world, because there are a lot of people who say that the only democracy you can have in the Middle East is the Muslim Brotherhood.
Abdullah II of Jordan Challenge , Me , American And as an American colleague said to me several months ago, he said, 'I think the challenge in Jordan - and, again, this is for the rest of the Middle East - we need to define what center is. And once we can define what center is to a Jordanian, then we can decide what's left and what's right of that.
Abdullah II of Jordan Spring , Challenges , Economic No matter what's happening in the Middle East - the Arab Spring, et cetera, the economic challenges, high rates of unemployment - the emotional, critical issue is always the Israeli-Palestinian one.
Abdullah II of Jordan Hope , Believe , Forward Is Israel going to continue to be 'Fortress Israel'? Or, as we all hope, become accepted into the neighborhood, which I believe is the only way we can move forward in harmony.
Abdullah II of Jordan Relationship , Peace , Man We have peace with Israel. We're actually the last man standing. So there is going to be immense pressure and people asking, 'Why are we having this relationship when it's not benefiting anybody?' Obviously, my answer is you always benefit from peace.
Abdullah II of Jordan Blame , Effort , Crisis Our response has been, 'Well, let's then make an effort to get the Israelis and the Palestinians to sit around the table.' That hasn't happened. So we only have ourselves to blame for this crisis.
Abdullah II of Jordan Society , American , Country When we try to push the envelope, there are certain sectors of society that say this is a Zionist plot to sort of destabilize our country, or this is an American agenda.
Abdullah II of Jordan Food , Goal , Political Ten years ago I said, you know, my goal is to be able to get food on the table. What I'm trying to say by that is trying to create a vibrant, capable and effective middle class. The quicker and stronger that we can be able to do this, the easier it is for political reform to move forward.
Abdullah II of Jordan Answer , Take Don't take 'no' for an answer.
Abdullah II of Jordan Moment , World , Problem I think this is really a defining moment for the Arab world. The problem is, it is all going to be about blood, sweat and tears. In certain countries it may be just sweat, and in some countries sweat and tears, and in some countries, as you can see, a lot of blood. I think initial instability is something that we are all extremely nervous of.
Abdullah II of Jordan Time , Democracy , World Jordan has to show the Arab world that there's another way of doing things. We're a monarchy, yes, but if we can show democracy that leads to a two-, three-, four-party system - left, right and center - in a couple of years' time, then the Muslim Brotherhood will no longer be something to contend with.
Abdullah II of Jordan Terrorism , You , Always You're always going to have terrorism.
Abdullah II of Jordan Political , Start , Should Political development should start at the grassroots.
Abdullah II of Jordan Strange , Play , Sound Through Hamas, Iran has been able to buy itself a seat on the table in talking about the Palestinian issue. And, as a result, through Hamas it does play a role in the issue of the Palestinians, as strange as that should sound.
Abdullah II of Jordan Believe , Direction , Country I personally believe that any country that has a nuclear program should conform to international regulations and should have international regulatory bodies that check to make sure that any nuclear program moves in the right direction.
Abdullah II of Jordan Peace , Israel , Strategic Peace with Israel is a strategic imperative for Jordan.
Abdullah II of Jordan Hope , Planning , Energy I hope that none of the countries in the Middle East are planning anything but the peaceful utilization of nuclear energy.
Abdullah II of Jordan Crisis , Situation , You Whenever you have a crisis, you're always going to have the extremists taking advantage of the situation.
Abdullah II of Jordan Military , Status Quo , Pieces When there's a status quo, usually what shakes everybody up is some sort of military confrontation, at which point we all come running and screaming to pick up the pieces.
Abdullah II of Jordan War , Learn , Bad When you get billions in aid and your weapons resupplied and your ammunition stock resupplied, you don't learn the lesson that war is bad and nobody wins.
Abdullah II of Jordan Intelligence , Conflict If you look at military and intelligence positions from the 1950s, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has always been against American national interests.
Abdullah II of Jordan Remember , Isolation , You Remember you don't do anything in isolation.
Abdullah II of Jordan Time , Fear , Waiting Jerusalem is a time bomb that I fear is just waiting to go off.
Abdullah II of Jordan Work , Time , World Many occasions I've sat down with Israelis to say, where do you see your country in 10 years time, and work me back, so we can figure out the synergies and the connections between Israel and the rest of the Arab world. No Israeli has ever been able to answer that question.
Abdullah II of Jordan Religion , You , Always You're always going to have extremists in every religion.
Abdullah II of Jordan Future , Youth , Country The incentive that you give to your youth is going to be the make-or-break future of the country.
Abdullah II of Jordan Happy , Process , Wrong If everybody is happy, then something is wrong with the democratic process.
Abhishek Bachchan Love , Work , Birthday A birthday is just another day where you go to work and people give you love. Age is just a state of mind, and you are as old as you think you are. You have to count your blessings and be happy.
Abhishek Bachchan Family , God , Mother By the grace of God, my parents were fantastic. We were a very normal family, and we have had a very middle-class Indian upbringing. We were never made to realise who we were or that my father and mother were huge stars - it was a very normal house, and I'd like my daughter to have the same thing.
Abhishek Bachchan Work , Best , Day You can work really hard on your physicality, on your craft, on the films you do. You can choose the best of directors, the best of productions, get the best technicians, you can put your entire body and soul into the making of a film, but at the end of the day, it all depends on the mood of that one audience member that goes into that theater.
Abhishek Bachchan Enjoy , Me , Working I've always basically done everything that's been offered to me. I'm one of the few actors who enjoy working a lot.
Abhishek Bachchan Work , Time , Good I think it's important for an actor to see the work they've done because every time you revisit a work you come up with a new way of improving it. It's a good way to brush up your craft and your skills, so I think it's a good thing to do, keep seeing your films.
Abhishek Bachchan Hero , Perception , Desire In the Indian film industry, especially those of us who are in mainstream cinema, we invariably play a typical hero's role. More often than not, we cater to the public perception. However, there is a latent desire in most actors to do a role where you can go all out and experiment.
Abhishek Bachchan Walk , America , You In England or America, actors do not have to cater to an image. In India, it is almost demanded of us. Very seldom do you get a film where you can walk away from your image.
Abhishek Bachchan Work , Stars , Humility There is one common thing in superstars - enthusiasm and humility towards their work. Off sets, they are big stars for others, and they carry themselves the way they want to. When they are working, they are not stars.
Abhishek Bachchan Day , Fear , Wake Up The only fear I have is that I will wake up one day and nobody will allow me to do films. This is a fear every actor has.
Abhishek Bachchan Culture , Week , Celebrate Indian weddings are elaborate. As a culture, we like to celebrate everything... Our weddings go on for sometimes a week, 10 days.
Abhishek Bachchan Football , Basketball Basketball is my favorite sport, and I'm also a very passionate football fan.
Abhishek Bachchan Sports , Children , Lawyer I still feel that in India we look upon sports as a recreational activity - which it is - but people have to understand that there is a career in sports. It's not just necessary to be a doctor or a lawyer or an engineer, as most of us Indians appear to think that our children should grow up to be.
Abhishek Bachchan Day , Character , Team When I was in school, sport was given utmost importance. I think it's fantastic for character building, for team playing, and I think it's a great profile for a nation. One in every six people on Earth is an Indian, and I look forward to the day when we can compete with the heavyweights of the sporting world and do well in the medal tally.
Abhishek Bachchan Time , First , First Time The trade magazine and all was banned in my house. The first time I read a film magazine was when I was 18.
Abhishek Bachchan Happiness , Music , Time The joy and happiness it gives you or the emotions you go through when you hold your child in your arms for the first time are indescribable! I really thought that there was going be this moment when a ray of light from heaven would come pouring in, background music would start playing with angels singing, but none of that happens!
Abhishek Bachchan Day , Believe , Theatre I really believe at the end of the day, regardless of how noble you are or how patriotic the film might be, it has to serve as entertainment in order for your audiences to come into the theatre and watch it. Otherwise, audiences will wait and see it a few months later when it is premiered on television.
Abhishek Bachchan Time , Great , Cinema The main objective of our cinema is to entertain. If you can pass on a message at the same time, that is fantastic, but if the audience does not feel they are going to be entertained by the film, they are not going to watch it. There are many examples of very responsible and great films that are being made, but nobody goes to watch them.
Abhishek Bachchan Happy , I Am , Looking If people are looking forward to my films, then I am happy, and I must be doing something right.
Abhishek Bachchan Happy , I Am , Proud I am happy with all the films I've done. I have not become the victim of an image. I have managed to do different roles, and I am proud of that.
Abhishek Bachchan Money , Job , Successful If I give five flops, I won't get a job. You have to perform at the box office when you are at the top. No one is running a charity here. People are putting huge amounts of money to make movies, and they want the films to be successful. They have invested money in you, so it is your duty to make sure the film does well.
Abhishek Bachchan Good , Simple , Successful A successful film is a good film, and a non-successful film is a bad film. It's as simple as that.
Abhishek Bachchan Money , Yourself , I Am You have to understand that you are not making the film for yourself; you're making it for the audience. If I am asking my audiences to buy tickets, I owe them the worth of their money, and I owe them entertainment.
Abhishek Bachchan Me , Find , Person Anybody who has interacted with me will definitely find me to be a chirpy person.
Abhishek Bachchan God , Believe , Blessings I don't believe in asking God for anything. If I am worthy, He will give it to me. I think we should earn his blessings; I have never believed in mannats.
Abhishek Bachchan Community , I Am , People I am not one of those people who will ever be comfortable mocking or making caricatures of the stereotypes attached to any community.
Abhishek Bachchan Work , Power , Passion Every film for every actor is a make-or-break film. I believe every film has the power to break you or make you. So, an actor will treat every film like his last film. That's the way we need to work, and that's the way you can drum up that passion needed to do good work.
Adam Jones Three , True , Seattle As far as the grunge thing, there are three bands from Seattle that I would call true grunge.
Adam Jones Think , Seriously , Grunge I seriously do not think Nirvana is grunge.
Adam Jones Time , Perfection , Band With four perfectionists in the band, we have a hard time reaching perfection.
Adam Jones Ending , Band , Like When we played with the Rollins Band, we'd keep songs going until we felt like ending it.
Adam Jones Radio , Ourselves , Making We're more into expressing ourselves than making radio hits.
Adam Jones Time , Effort , Song We wanted to take as much time and effort making the video as we did the song.
Adam Jones Meetings , Us , Tell We have meetings with our record label to tell them how to market us.
Adam Jones Money , Building , Company We could have gone with much bigger labels and more money, but we wanted to go with a company that is LA based, all in the same building, and really understands what the artists want.
Adam Jones Grunge The Melvins are grunge.
Adam Jones Love , Music , Dance That's what I love about our music - it'll never be a hit because you can't dance to it.
Adam Jones Sound , Kind , Real That's the thing I like about my sound. It's real raw and very unsafe compared to a solid state kind of sound.
Adam Jones Music , Band , Approach My approach is to be part of a band that makes music, not hit songs.
Adam Jones Time , Out , Many Many of the songs on Undertow were written at the time Opiate came out.
Adam Jones Play , Sound , Like If I play anything that sounds like a solo, it's gonna sound like a lyric.
Adam Jones Song , Long , Never I've never worried about how long the song is.
Adam Jones Guitar , Never , Always I've always dabbled on guitar, but never took lessons.
Adam Jones Lyrics , Solos I'm not into solos, I'm into lyrics.
Adam Jones Good , Guitar , Player I'm not a good guitar player.
Adam Jones Know , Like , Equipment I'm not a geek about equipment, I just know what I like.
Adam Jones Think , Worst , Everyone I'm my own worst critic and I think everyone in the band is a perfectionist.
Adam Jones Guitar , Back , Way I'm a bass player from way back and Paul is a guitar player and we've been in many bands.
Adam Jones Custom , Paul , Prefer I use Gibson guitars; I prefer the Les Paul custom.
Adam Jones Marketing , People , Think I think putting labels on people is just an easy way of marketing something you don't understand.
Adam Jones People , Think , Boring I think people like Steve Vai are so boring.
Adam Jones Violin , Grade , Second I played violin and got into that Suzuki program in the second grade.
Adam Jones Play , Live , Wrong I personally don't like to use as many effects because when you play live, something always goes wrong.
Adam Levine Me , Everyone , Stage Before I go on stage I pretend that everyone loves me.
Adam Levine Myself , Day , People People see you on TV every day, they start knowing your name. You know, I was always just the guy from Maroon 5 until I became myself.
Adam Levine Work , Hate , Flying I hate flying. Know why? Because no one really understands how planes actually work.
Adam Levine Money , Making Money , Wrong Nothing wrong with making money.
Adam Levine Love , Music , Art I love music videos, I really do. I think it's kind of sad that it's a dying art form.
Adam Levine Love , Song , Feelings Not every song has to be about love and tenderness, sometimes you have those strictly physical feelings for somebody and it's okay to have those feelings.
Adam Levine Smart , World , Intelligent I'm intelligent enough to survive happily and be compassionate. If I were too smart, I would realize all the ills of the world.
Adam Levine Good , Eyes , People So many people witness atrocities and can't take their eyes away from them, but that doesn't mean they're good.
Adam Levine Believe , Think , Difference I do believe that I deserve what I have. I don't think I'm entitled to it. That's a big difference.
Adam Levine Love , Dating , She I don't date my girlfriend because she's a model. I date her because I love her.
Adam Levine Women , Beautiful , Practice Let's face it, I only practice yoga because the classes are always packed with beautiful women.
Adam Levine Sweet , Laundry It's sweet that I don't have to do my laundry.
Adam Levine Voice , Think , I Think And I think I have a distinct voice.
Adam Levine Marriage , Good , Learn I'm extremely fascinated by marriage. I want to study marriage. I want to learn about it. I want to know it. I want to figure out whether or not I want to do it. I'm not just going to leap into it, because that's not good for anybody.
Adam Levine Hide , Need , High I have a high self-opinion - I don't need to hide that. I don't need to be self-deprecating.
Adam Levine Alone , Being Alone , Being I'm fiercely independent, but I'm also terrified of being alone.
Adam Levine Life , Men , I Am In real life, I am emotionally confused, which enables me to write songs. I'm a Pisces, and they say that Pisces are very sensitive. If men were just honest with themselves, they would see that they all have that side.
Adam Levine Good , People , Civilization Seriously, 'Honey Boo Boo' is the decay of Western civilization. Just because so many people watch the show doesn't mean it's good.
Adam Levine World , Always , Little I've always felt a little misrepresented in the world.
Adam Levine People , Desire , Pressure Peer pressure plays a huge role in people's desire to get married.
Adam Levine Love , America , Voice 'The Voice' is built on positivity. Once we started filming, I knew that America was really going to love it.
Adam Levine Man , Amazing , Want Stevie Wonder is just one of those guys that completely delivers everything that you want to be true about Stevie Wonder. He's an amazing human being, and the fairytale exists with that man.
Adam Levine Green , Heroes , Wonder I was a huge Beatles fan. The Stones, Dylan. Later on, I got into Stevie Wonder, and Bill Withers - he's one of my heroes. Al Green, too.
Adam Levine Sleep , Night , People I have a very all-over-the-place lifestyle. The people I know who are married - 90 percent of them have houses and live in the same place and sleep in the same bed every night.
Adam Levine Best , Right , Wants The best thing about Mick Jagger is how uncalculating he is. He does what he wants to do and it feels right. He's not a dancer - neither am I.
Adam Levine Work , Job , Late My job means I work late.
Adam McKay Past , Looking , Diamonds You know how in every heist movie they get past the security cameras that show the hallway leading to the diamonds by jamming the screens with a fake signal of everything looking safe and quiet? Usually a guard coughs so they don't notice the blip from switching to the bogus feed.
Adam McKay Said , Fascism , Would Benito Mussolini created the word 'fascism.' He defined it as 'the merging of the state and the corporation.' He also said a more accurate word would be 'corporatism.' This was the definition in Webster's up until 1987 when a corporation bought Webster's and changed it to exclude any mention of corporations.
Adam McKay Time , Good , Friends Friends give me a hard time about the pants I'm wearing, which are made in China. Well, how do you find the right clothes? Or the right movie studio? The right people giving you checks? Good luck doing the right thing all the time.
Adam McKay Chaos , Animal , Nothing Nothing heightens chaos more than a berserk wild animal right in the middle.
Adam McKay Money , Hustle , Me For my money, I don't think there's been a better comedy than 'Kung Fu Hustle' in a lot of years. That movie just knocked me over.
Adam McKay World , America , Inequality Everything in America is so stratified by class now. We have the 93rd level of income inequality in the world. You're already seeing highway lanes that are for pay and ones that aren't.
Adam McKay Government , Tax , Finding Since FDR's New Deal, corporations and wealthy families have been non-stop finding new ways to get tax breaks, deregulation and entitlements from the government.
Adam McKay Listening , Back , Way I'm a huge hip hop fan going way back, like, back to '83. I had my Gemini mixer listening to Run-DMC and Kurtis Blow.
Adam McKay Stars , Reality , Lost I was completely with the reality TV boom for a while. I really liked a lot of the reality TV, and the one that lost me was the ballroom dancing one they do, 'Dancing with the Stars.' That was the one where I watched it and I was perplexed. I thought it was really boring.
Adam McKay People , Tax , Me Bush already gave obscene tax breaks to people like me and Warren Buffet, and we are saying it's not fair.
Adam McKay Land , Way , You The way you really stop Al-Qaeda is by stopping their funding. It's not by carpet-bombing or land invasions or anything.
Adam McKay You , Director , Tone All you can really do as director is sort of set a tone.
Adam McKay You , Look , Real If you look at 'Avatar,' could you imagine if you did 'Avatar' for 50 million dollars? It would be ridiculous! You would almost be getting laughs from the audience, unless you got a real indie director to do something incredibly stylised.
Adam McKay Work , Amazing , Rules Sony is the coolest studio. They are really amazing. I think part of it comes from they're not an American corporation. They don't work by quite the same rules. And their studio heads have a lot of autonomy.
Adam McKay Great , Favorite , Director David O. Russell is probably my favorite filmmaker. He's not only a great director, but he's also a great writer.
Adam McKay Plants , Speak , Sail George W. Bush was a silver spoon dolt with no record to speak of other than bankruptcy and selling tropical plants, and we let him sail into the White House, but Barack talks about religious fundamentalism and guns being prevalent in poor areas, and we roast him for weeks?
Adam McKay Fun , Nothing , Sacred There's nothing more fun than making fun of what's sacred.
Adam McKay World , Comedy , Two Anyone in the comedy world knows that Horatio Sanz and Chris Parnell are two of the funniest guys around.
Adam McKay Fun , World , Me There's nothing more fun to me than new characters and a new world.
Adam McKay People , America , Start It's one thing to break stuff and damage people's possessions, but when you start aiming at the ideology of America, that's dangerous comedy.
Adam McKay Love , Paul , I Love I love Paul Rudd.
Adam McKay Culture , Doubt , Speak I don't want to speak for my movies; you could say my movies are just completely silly and dumb, but in the case of 'Idiocracy' and 'Borat,' without a doubt there is a really subversive and sophisticated assault on American culture.
Adam McKay Gay , Living , Red The living nightmare for a red state NASCAR driver would be a gay French driver.
Adam McKay Fun , You , Rhythm If you're making comedies, they have to have a fun and a rhythm to them.
Adam McKay Amazing , Complex , Turn Michael Lewis has the amazing ability to take complex formulas and concepts and turn them into page-turners.
Adam McKay Step , Satire , Saying The idea of 24-hour news, if you really step back, is pretty insane. Just even saying '24-hour news' almost has satire laced in it.
Adam McKay Law , World , Laugh It should be a law for one whole year that all laugh tracks are Seth Rogen. The world would get ever so slightly better.
Adam McKay Age , Fun , Step 'Step Brothers 2' would have been fun, there's no doubt about it. Maybe someday. Does that idea age? I don't know. It all depends on how the movie ages.
Adam McKay Fun , World , Me Nothing is more enjoyable for me than when I'm watching a movie or a TV show and there's that sense that anything can happen. It is the most fun feeling in the world.
Adam McKay Funny , Different , Confusion It's just funny that Americans have to contend with 2000 channels, and 60 different specific news sources, and the confusion that it creates, and the junk that we get to see is hilarious.
Adam McKay Freedom , Creative , Carrot Creative freedom is a huge carrot.
Adam McKay School , High School , Comedy I was a huge fan of comedy in high school.
Adam McKay Funny , Time , Rock I actually opened for Chris Rock at the Funny Bone one time.
Adam McKay World , Weird , Someone The hardest thing in the world to do is to have someone in a seat in a theater laughing so hard that they're making weird sounds.
Adam McKay American , Movies , Nothing There's nothing more American than movies.
Adam McKay Step , Help , Me I hired a personal trainer to help me lose 25 pounds and get from obese to fat. My next step will be to get from fat to chubby.
Adam McKay Doing , Wrong , Nothing Nothing is funnier than confidently doing the wrong thing.
Adam McKay Change , Humor , Behavior I don't think arrested-adolescent humor will fade. Maybe the form will change, but I guarantee its replacement will still be based in immature behavior from mature figures.
Adam McKay Music , Day , Past Other than Green Day, we haven't had a lot of protest music over the past few decades.
Adam McKay Time , Hawaii , Why It's time Hawaii answer doubters and produce documents proving that it is a state. What are they hiding? And why haven't we seen these documents?
Adam McKay Company , First , Philadelphia My first joke was about a company called Five Star Parking that was all over Philadelphia: 'Who's reviewing parking lots?'
Adam McKay You , Like , Fantastic The thing is, I've gotten massages to Enya. I like Enya. If you ate fantastic steaks to Celine Dion, you'd like Celine Dion.
Adam McKay Stand Up , Stand , Two Having two kids, I don't get out to see stand up much anymore.
Adam McKay Laugh , Me , Like Matt Braunger really makes me laugh; I like that guy a lot.
Adam McKay Hate , Listen , You As far as how much you listen to the audience, you listen to them when they really hate something.
Adam McKay Funny , May , People If you do a Western that's funny, there's no way people don't call it a spoof or a parody, even though it may not be.
Adam McKay Great , Think , Movies If you go back and watch 'The French Connection,' it's been cannibalized so many times. There are certain movies like that, where you see the original and think, 'This isn't so great.' And the reason it isn't so great is because everyone has copied it.
Adam McKay You , First , Repeat That's always the trick with the sequels, is how much do you repeat from the first one. Because we all get bummed out when you go see a sequel and it's beat for beat.
Adam McKay Young , Never , Tom Tom Brokaw was never young.
Adam McKay War , Money , Moment I guess HBO did a giant 'War in the Pacific' mini-series that cost, like, a fortune, and there was a little moment where they literally had no money. And even though the show had become kind of a cult hit, there was an issue of whether they could actually afford to do it.
Adam McKay Love , People , Nothing There's nothing the people love more than a Federal Reserve joke.
Adam McKay Crime , Know , You You have a guy like Bernie Madoff literally steal $80 billion, you know, AIG steal hundreds of billions, Goldman Sachs. Crime has changed so much, and to really do a movie with, like, drug dealers or drug smugglers is kind of almost quaint at this point.
Adam McKay Romantic , People , Minds There are many aspects to directing that have a romantic place in people's minds.
Adam McKay People , Know , Famous People Celebrities and 'famous' people are just regular folks. I know, it's a shocking and potentially dangerous statement.
Adam McKay Age , Mom , People Ultimately, the only people who are in any way edified by hanging with famous people are you at the age of 11 and your mom.
Adam McKay Week , Action , Savage If you make action movies, the critics will savage you, and then your movies are outdated the following week with the new wave of special effects.
Adam McKay Love , Action , Movies I love action movies.
Adam McKay Creative , World , Ideas Actually, 'Wayne's World 2' I kind of liked. I think 'Wayne's World 2' does have some creative things in it, some ideas in it.
Adam McKay Night , Week , Live Basically, we used to have a rule at 'Saturday Night Live' that you're not allowed to bring up 'The Simpsons' at the rewrite table, because 'The Simpsons' has done every joke there is. Every week there would be guys going, 'The Simpsons did that.' I go, 'C'mon.' And 'South Park,' too.
Adam McKay Middle , Would , Stretch A dry stretch of commentary in the middle of an 'Anchorman' movie would have been a terrible thing.